Welcome to Every Month!! We are a campaign, based in Manchester, which aims to make menstrual products accessible to all people, who are experiencing poverty in the UK starting with our own community in Manchester and expanding into South London.

A13606496_530858820431119_4343200874319699437_nt the moment we make approximately 250 Period Packs a month, and they are distributed across Manchester to those in need. We rely on financial donations from our supporters so that we can distribute as many of our packs as possible.

Alongside making packs, we encourage you to write to your local Councillors and your local  MP in asking them to take our cause seriously and commit to providing menstrual products to all homeless shelters in Manchester and South London.

Take a look around and get to know a little bit more about what we stand for and what we do. Please sign our petition and get writing to your MP. Also keep a look out for attending one of our events or donate to our packs. 

Much love, 

Rosy xo