Real talk: can you spare £1.50?

We know how it is. Someone from work is doing a run, a friend has got a Crowdfunder campaign, your nephew or niece is doing a sponsored silence, you have those organisations that are important you give to when you can. Sometimes the pressure can be added when you click through to donate to something and the suggested amount is £10 or even £20. You’re doing a good thing and yet you’re made to feel a little bad for not having that amount to part with.

At Every Month, £1.50 makes a huge difference to someone’s life. The campaign is organised by a team of volunteers and your donation goes straight to the cause.

Your £1.50 provides someone with enough sanitary products for a whole month and a chocolate bar. The packs are made up with five pads, five non-applicator and  five applicator tampons. We even offer mooncup packs providing a guarantee for this cycle the next, the one after and so many more. A donation not only provides hygienic and safe periods but a comfortable one too. For anyone experiencing period poverty, these differences have a huge impact on someone’s physical and mental health.

A Every Month pack is less than the cost of:

  • A filter coffee
  • A birthday card
  • A nail varnish
  • A tube of pringles

There are other ways you can help too:

  • Donate sanitary supplies – Have a chat with our lovely packing team for more info :
  • Share the campaign message on social media
  • Volunteer with us- email to sign up to the mailing list and find out about upcoming voluntary opportunities.
  • Come to our next event – Paint the Town Red @ Plant NOMA on 24 November! Click here for more details
  • Guest blog – Share your stories with us and help us end period taboo. Email your great ideas to
  • Sign our campaign here  or write a letter to your local council – email for more details. Help us to make Manchester a forerunner for free sanitary products in schools.
  • Hold a fundraising event- whether it’s making Every Month your nominated cause at work, a sponsored run, a bake sale or an off the wall idea – the funds raised would go directly to helping someone. Get in touch with the Fundraising gals for more info and inspo: We’ll be sure to share your contribution on our social media.

The campaign relies on support and we are really grateful for ALL the donations we receive. We love you guys! Help us to help more people and spread the word, together we can make some big changes and kick period poverty’s arse.

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