Our first MASSIVE Packing Party

The Every Month packing team descended upon Tribeca on Saturday 29 Septembert to kickstart the first session with our exciting new intake of volunteers, who were all ready and rearing to go.

We packed out the top floor, and our production line of pad packers, tampon counters, chocolate bar checkers and sticker stickers packed 800 packs in just an hour and a half! No easy feat on a Saturday.

Each pack consists of 10 pads, 5 applicator and 5 non-applicator tampons, with a chocolate bar thrown in each pack for good measure.

These packs get taken out to food banks, shelters and charities throughout Manchester by our volunteers (with very full cars!), and will make a huge difference to those experiencing period poverty, giving them products as well as reinforcing that these products are ESSENTIAL and not a luxury item (apart from maybe the KitKat chunky duos).

It was great to hear lots of ideas being thrown around, as well as some great discussions about how people want to get more involved as Every Month continues to rapidly grow as a community.

A massive thank you to everyone who came down to help, as well as everyone who donated sanitary products, and also to Tribeca for letting us overwhelm their floor space with bags of tampons and chocolate bars!

If you’d like to get involved in the upcoming packing parties, or would like to know more about Every Month in general, drop us a line at http://everymonthcampaign.org/contact-us/ and keep an eye on our instagram @everymonthmcr for more opportunities! If you’d also like to donate some sanitary products, hit us up on http://everymonthcampaign.org/donate/.





By Naomi Evans, Every Month Blogger


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