Introducing the Every Month Team: Grace Greenlaw

Grace is an anthropology student, a feminist, a gym lover and ‘that kid who’s obsessed with horses’. She’s keen to see EVERYONE be more open about periods, and our time of the month. She’s particularly interested in exploring PMS and how it effects mental health. 

What’s your role with Every Month? What will you be doing?

I’m part of the blogging team – it’s a chance to be creative with a campaign i’m excited about. I’m especially keen on learning about mental health, so that’s my main topic of interest.

How did you find out about the campaign?

A friend sent me a link to EM’s Instagram saying she thought I’d be interested. The art content and sense of humour caught my eye.

What interested you about getting involved?

I can’t believe tampons and pads aren’t considered essential. It’s great we can pick up condoms for free, but surely the same should go for menstruation items? You don’t get to opt out of a period.

I find my time of the month exhausting, so I can’t imagine coping without access to tampons and pads.

It’s clear society still holds a stigma around menstrual blood, which is ridiculous. I think EM revolutionary; it’s educating everyone about period poverty, whilst smashing this taboo on menstrual blood.

Where do you hope the campaign will be in a year’s time? 

I would love to see this campaign collaborate with many more influential speakers. EM is soon to be a registered charity, so that will open more doors!

Who are you inspired by?

I would recommend checking out Florence Given’s art. My room is slowly turning into a shrine of her work. As an intersectional-feminist, she’s stressing the point of always learning, and celebrating the women around you.

What books/documentaries/films etc do you recommend to everyone?

‘What a Time to be Alone’ by Chidera Eggerue as honestly changed my life. It’s challenging the assumption that you’re not ‘complete’ until you’ve met The One. Learning how to look after myself, like someone I love, has made my days so much fuller.

What change would you like to see in the way menstruation is currently discussed?

We need to get over it and talk in plain language! I’m not about to say ‘the painters are in’ or something like that. I’m bleeding out my vagina, give me a break.

What would you tell your younger self about periods?

Don’t underestimate how much they can affect your mental health! We’re encouraged to not make a fuss and get on with life. However, PMS/PMDD can have big impacts on body image, low mood, pain and exhaustion. That’s valid and you’re entitled to get help when you feel rough!

What helps you most when you’re on your period?

Iron tablets. It’s common for women to have alarmingly low iron levels whilst on our period. Having one a day helps energise me, make me feel more normal.

Period sex – having orgasms makes you feel better about life, and sex alleviates period cramps. Win-win.


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