Day 29: £100 in 100 days

SO the campaign has been mega so far. We’re not even half  way and we’ve already raised over £1500. All 22 volunteers are working their socks off to get Every Month to registered charity status. We’re totally floored by the creativity and commitment of all the volunteers and how amazing everyone has been sharing and giving too – you guys are the best. Here’s a wee update…


Emma Speight has raised £425 so far uploading a piece of artwork a day on social media (Instagram account: @emma.evelyn.s). Emma’s work ranges from illustrated nudes to photography to sanitary products. If everyone who liked the photos over the last 29 days had given £1, the total would be £962! Every £1 could help improve a person’s standard of life. Bodyform have just used a piece of Emma’s work so we hope this will help us spread the word even further!

Daisy Wakefield was featured on B Journal, showcasing her beautiful art work (she was good enough to give the campaign a mention too. Check it out here and more of her work heeeeeere: @daisy_wakefield


Super cool gal, comedian, one half of Kill No Fill podcast and host of of Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Kiri Pritchard McClean is on the team too, throw a few quid her way here.


Rose Sergent (that’s me!)..I’m working with amazing artists who have given their  stories and work to reach £100 in 100 days and raise awareness of Endometriosis. Zine makers include Aubrey Dillon Sinclair, Kitty James, Katie At Heart and K Houlohan and can be bought from for only £1 each (you know you want to! ;)). The last zine will be available next week and posted on the @drawnpoorlyzine social media.


We’re SUPER excited that the amazing Pot Yer Tits Away Luv are doing a give away to raise funds. Each pot is individual, beautiful and custom made! Check out the Instagram for full deets on how you can be in for a chance to win @potyertitsawayluv


Again, thank you all so much. We couldn’t do this without you. More updates SOON <3


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