Clue: #justsayperiod

Clue is a Berlin based period tracking app which allows users to track their cycle, identify regular and irregular patterns such as pain and emotion levels and share the information with friends and family. All of these factors contribute to menstruation mindfulness and the company intends for the app to start healthy and honest conversations about periods.

The company collaborated with the New York based advocacy group the IWHC to collect data about when and where people did and did not feel comfortable talking about their periods. They also recorded the euphemisms they used instead of just s

aying period. Those euphemisms resulted in gloriously massive and red posters which took over the Berlin underground stations.

Clue want to break down those archaic social barriers that prevent period chat.  These euphemisms, although sometimes funny on the surface, can in reality, be a huge problem as the majority of people using them are avoiding the word period.

The campaign goes further than the big red boards, search #justsayperiod on Twitter to find a stream of interesting menstruation discussion on all topics from contraception to superstitions to femininity. We need to keep the conversation going, as menstruation silence leads to much bigger problems.

What do you think? Should the painters be thrown out? Should we tell Aunt Flo to f off?



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