Bodyform and the Blood Red Adverts


Does anyone else kinda wanna high five Bodyform rn?

If you haven’t seen already, Bodyform have become the first sanitary product company to depict blood in adverts instead of that blue liquid that’s common place in absorbency testing (srsly, what is it?). Watch it here. Not only is it used for the absorbency test in the ad but blood runneth downeth the leg of someone in the shower. A man goes to buy pads and he’s not annoyed or ashamed of the fact he’s buying them. Good going Bodyform.  Unbelievably it was only last year that an actual pad was shown in an advert here in the UK (Bodyform again).

After the initial excitement of the acknowledgement that periods are blood not blue, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the fact that it is 2017 and people are still not comfortable with discussing periods to the point where red liquid on a pad is too much (check out Instagram/Facebook/Youtube comments if you dare).

Yes, it’s a big step from blue to red but seriously, what took so long for us to get here and why are the naysayers still naying even though half of the population bleed monthly?

Soapbox aside, Bodyform are leading the way for other sanitary product companies and taking a powerful stand in encouraging period normality and conversation. Period taboo is not only damaging to confidence, increasing anxiety and affecting mental health of bleeders but it can stop people accessing products leading to poor hygiene and infections. The more people who join in with the conversation about period taboo, the more likely sanitary products will become normalised, considered and accessible to everyone.

I delved into the Youtube sanitary product ad archive and found this Bodyform advert from 2009. The difference is HUGE. The focus is a traditionally ‘feminine’ female with a good selection of bags, dresses, skirts, heels and the focus is about feeling good. Feeling girly and nice when bleeding and not an actual pad in sight.

SO we have come a long way from the ad above and after the initial ‘shock’ (avert thine eyes from the period blood), it’s likely that other companies will follow.

Progress will always feel a bit slow to us (Every Month are unsurprisingly an open bunch when it comes to period talk) but it’s happening. What are your thoughts?  Bloody great or does it make you feel blue?



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