SO the campaign has been mega so far. We’re not even half  way and we’ve already raised over £1500. All 22 volunteers are working their socks off to get Every Month to registered charity status. We’re totally floored by the creativity and commitment of all the volunteers and how amazing everyone has been sharing and giving too – you guys are the best. Here’s a wee update…


Emma Speight has raised £425 so far uploading a piece of artwork a day on social media (Instagram account: @emma.evelyn.s). Emma’s work ranges from illustrated nudes to photography to sanitary products. If everyone who liked the photos over the last 29 days had given £1, the total would be £962! Every £1 could help improve a person’s standard of life. Bodyform have just used a piece of Emma’s work so we hope this will help us spread the word even further!

Daisy Wakefield was featured on B Journal, showcasing her beautiful art work (she was good enough to give the campaign a mention too. Check it out here and more of her work heeeeeere: @daisy_wakefield


Super cool gal, comedian, one half of Kill No Fill podcast and host of of Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Kiri Pritchard McClean is on the team too, throw a few quid her way here.


Rose Sergent (that’s me!)..I’m working with amazing artists who have given their  stories and work to reach £100 in 100 days and raise awareness of Endometriosis. Zine makers include Aubrey Dillon Sinclair, Kitty James, Katie At Heart and K Houlohan and can be bought from for only £1 each (you know you want to! ;)). The last zine will be available next week and posted on the @drawnpoorlyzine social media.


We’re SUPER excited that the amazing Pot Yer Tits Away Luv are doing a give away to raise funds. Each pot is individual, beautiful and custom made! Check out the Instagram for full deets on how you can be in for a chance to win @potyertitsawayluv


Again, thank you all so much. We couldn’t do this without you. More updates SOON <3

Hey y’all so we’re a week into the £100 in 100 days campaign and massive things have happened already.  There are 21 amazing fundraisers in total here are just seven of the things they’ve already achieved… IN JUST A WEEK…

Nancy Leigh Green tweeted Andy Burnham and he donated £10 to her Go Fund Me (yasss!).

EM Fundraiser Ashleigh, smashed her target with a work bake sale on International Women’s Day.

Co-op Womens network (Aspire) had a collection for products at HQ.

Drawn Poorly Zine are working with contributors to make mini zines, raising funds for EM and awareness of  Endometriosis.

Manchester High School for girls raised a huuuuge £320 with a period party!

Emma is sharing a piece of her work each day for the whole campaign, check out the first seven on her IG: @emmaevelyn.s.

Four of the fabulous fundraisers have achieved their target already!!

Stay tuned for more updates of everyone’s progress and keep an eye on our social media and #100in100 for links to and news on campaign updates.

If you want to get involved with fundraising for EM get in touch with Christina & Ashleigh:

Till next week <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




We need YOUR help.

It’s International Women’s Day on the 8th March and we’re launching our new fundraising effort.  We need volunteers to help raise £100 each in 100 days.

Every Month relies on donations of products and cash to continue the work we do in the local community.

This year our goal is to be able to register as a charity in the hopes of securing more
funding and expanding the area in which we serve, but to do that we need to raise £5000.

That’s where you come in.

As a 100 in 100 volunteer you would need to raise; you guessed it, £100 in 100 days, starting on the 8th of March and finishing on the 16th of June.

All of the money raised will go towards funding our project and the overall total.  This means we can register as an actual charity, which will stand us in great stead for the future and means we can help out more and more people.

There are plenty of ways to raise the money for us and if you want to join us on this epic journey please please please sign up by the 1st of March.

You’ll be sent a super wicked fundraising pack which will have tonnes of ideas and a gofundme link which, once you’ve registered it, will kick start your fundraising.

What do you say? Are you in? Help us out!

Email to register your interest.

Clue is a Berlin based period tracking app which allows users to track their cycle, identify regular and irregular patterns such as pain and emotion levels and share the information with friends and family. All of these factors contribute to menstruation mindfulness and the company intends for the app to start healthy and honest conversations about periods.

The company collaborated with the New York based advocacy group the IWHC to collect data about when and where people did and did not feel comfortable talking about their periods. They also recorded the euphemisms they used instead of just s

aying period. Those euphemisms resulted in gloriously massive and red posters which took over the Berlin underground stations.

Clue want to break down those archaic social barriers that prevent period chat.  These euphemisms, although sometimes funny on the surface, can in reality, be a huge problem as the majority of people using them are avoiding the word period.

The campaign goes further than the big red boards, search #justsayperiod on Twitter to find a stream of interesting menstruation discussion on all topics from contraception to superstitions to femininity. We need to keep the conversation going, as menstruation silence leads to much bigger problems.

What do you think? Should the painters be thrown out? Should we tell Aunt Flo to f off?


We were totally overwhelmed by the amount of incredible artwork that was received for Paint the Town Red. Each artist had a unique response to the brief and collectively, they provided a stirring reply to period attitudes and poverty. The stigma and shame which has been hanging over bleeding since it began, can stop people accessing the products they need. It was a real joy to see creative and like-minded folk come together to bin off shame and celebrate period experiences.

Northern Artist, Sammi Cannings created the AMAZING ‘Bad Timing’ piece as part of the exhibition and it portrays a moment that all menstruators can relate to. She took the time to chat about it and give us a sneaky insight into the creation of ‘Bad Timing’ and her work.

1. What work are you most interesting in making? What materials do you use?
I love making character based pieces, where I can show interesting expression and emotion – and try and make people laugh too. I mainly work digitally, drawing my work straight into the computer.

2. How did you make this piece?
This piece was first sketched out on paper, then scanned into the computer and coloured in Photoshop using a Wacom drawing tablet.

3. What inspired you to make it?
The drawing was inspired by that horrible feeling you get when you get your period somewhere unexpected and you’re totally unprepared for it. I wanted to replicate that emotion, but in a lighter, sillier way that would make people smile.

4. What would you tell your younger self about menstruation?
“It’s not as awful as it seems right now!”. Getting your period sucks, but you get used to it and you don’t have to be embarrassed by it, it’s totally normal!

5. What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently working as a freelance video editor for children’s TV. So I’m spending most of my free time working on some art pieces for myself and trying to improve my skills as an artist.

6. How did you find out about the Every Month campaign?
One of my friends tagged me in a post on your Instagram because she thought I’d be interested. After that I went and found out more about Every Month and all the great work you guys do.

To check out more of Sammi’s brilliant work, take a look at her Facebook, or Instagram @esscee_sammi.