Get Involved


We currently don’t have any volunteering opportunities but if you add your name to our mailing list we will inform you when opportunities become available and keep you informed of EM news. We’ll also be hosting more events SOON so let us know if volunteering on the night is your jam. 
Every Month is not currently looking to expand outside of Greater Manchester, though we may do so in the future. If you would like to set up a similar campaign where you live, please feel free to do so. However, we do ask that you use a different name as we do not want to mislead people who may think other campaigns are formally supported, run or endorsed by Every Month.

There are lots of ways that you can help out and get involved with what we do.

Buy a Tampon Buddy pin!

Head to our shop and snap up one of our CUTE/HIP/TRENDY pins, which will pay for someone to have access to Every Month Packs for a whole YEAR!

Throw a Period Party

This isn’t the same as when your period is late and you’re worried, but then it finally comes and you can celebrate another whole month of a free womb. A Period Party is simply throwing a get together and having everyone bring sanitary items that you can donate to Every Month. You can make these parties menstruation themed, if you would like, but the bigger the party the more fun and more donations you can make!

Do Something Daring 

Are you doing something daring soon? How about you get people to sponsor you and then you can donate the money to Every Month. We have a cool woman named Freya, who is skydiving in aid of Every Month. You can take part in a run, cycle, sponsored silence, free bleed, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF, in order to raise money for EM.

Organise a Collection at Work

Donations are something that we rely so heavily on, and so organising a collection amongst any groups you’re part of would be a massive help. We can take them and make them into amazing Period Packs! YAY!

Sign the Petition

Help us campaign to make free sanitary products an essential free item for food banks  (and share it with your pals, yeah?)

Write to your MP

You can make more impact by hand writing a letter to your local MP or councillor asking them what they are doing about the lack of official access to sanitary products for people experiencing poverty. You can learn who your local MP is here.